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Slow down for great taste

Slow down for great taste

Whenever a bank holiday approaches and a welcome break for all, ask yourself what it is that you look forward to.  I imagine for many it will be that you can slow down and enjoy life a bit more. In the modern world we are all persuaded that ‘faster’ is better, but on the other hand we all look forward to slowing down.  Is ‘slow’ better?

50 years ago sliced bread was invented.  For the first time, bread could be made in less than an hour.  Faster, more efficient and cheaper – better, right?  Not so, it seems. High speed mixing, high levels of yeast, artificial additives, large doses of salt and fat, perhaps even a lacing of enzymes to force the dough to rise quickly and sprayed with chemicals such as calcium proportionate to prevent the growth of mould, does not for a healthy, tasty, easily digestible loaf of bread make.  The majority of the bread consumed in the UK is made this way, and we wonder why so many people have allergies and stomach problems.

Good bread is made slowly, by hand.  Using the simplest of ingredients – flour, water, yeast, and an optional pinch of salt – it should be mixed, fermented and baked in one continuous process (not part frozen) and allowed to ferment (rise) for at least 4 hours.  This is the type of bread that sustained us for centuries (and is so hard to find in the supermarket now).  Amazing things happen when you make bread slowly.  You get fuller flavour, slower-release (low GI), and longer natural shelf life.

At Field Fayre we only stock locally made, hand-crafted bread made this way – we call it ‘artisan’ bread.

From Fabrice Ponteville (6th generation French baker) we have Rustic baguettes, Peasant loaves, Village sourdoughs – each a work of art in their own right, and from the Authentic Bread Company we have organic soda breads, to name but a few.

The desire for speed and efficiency has also influenced the way fruit and vegetables are grown in our country.

‘Good food’ for us, not only means good for the environment, but also great taste.  I’ve lost count of the number of times customers say how good our organic fruit and veg tastes.

If you are pushed for time, why not take advantage of our organic fruit and veg box delivery service (free within 5 miles of the shop)?  A size to suit your household, packed full of delicious organic fruit and veg (hand-picked and delivered by us on a Wednesday or Thursday night).  You can choose what you want or let us create an organic seasonal surprise box, and you can add anything else from the store to your delivery.

You don’t have to slow down to enjoy ‘slow’.  Make the most of the really good food on your doorstep – pop in to Field Fayre on Broad Street and see what slow has to offer.

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